Way back in 1992 when I stepped into V.E.T. School campus, our Management was very kind to take me as a member of V.E.T. FAMILY. And now, after 29 years when I look back, yes I feel proud to say that my journey in V.E.T. is great.

For me, VET SCHOOL is more than a work place, there is constant encouragement from our Management by giving opportunities to gain exposure in various fields. They always provide us with resources for professional development.

At VET SCHOOL the students are encouraged to use their abilities and develop their talents. Apart from academics, the school caters on the holistic development of each student.

Principal is approachable, an effective listener and a problem – solver. Being an excellent communicator, he always empowers educators to facilitate the best to students.

To conclude, at VET SCHOOL we just don’t educate the minds of children but we educate their hearts too…..

Doreena Juliet

VET SCHOOL was more than a school to me, it was like a home for almost 13 years from Kindergarten to X std. Here my teachers taught me how to read and write along with culture, beliefs, moral values and good discipline. VET School has a great environment for every child as each one of us create lifelong friendship with teachers and classmates. The school activities and teachers’ motivation has helped me to survive the real world outside the school.

After studying here for more than a decade and now being a teacher at VET School is a very different experience. The level of care and trust that the Management has in their teachers is so unique and special. While I just started working as Nursery Teacher at VET LITTLE CHAMPS PRESCHOOL in 2015, I have felt so motivated, supported and empowered to be in this Esteemed Institution. I feel honoured to work with such professional and positive people and feel right at home amongst the staff at VET School.

We are continually impressed with our Principal’s ability to unite our campus community. he has fostered a sense of support and appreciation that allows us as Educators to improve our practise daily. His long hours and hard work make such a difference to ensure the learning and growth of both our students and staff.

The part I love the most about VET LITTLE CHAMPS PRESCHOOL is seeing children smile when they go home and hearing them say "I LOVE THIS SCHOOL!" without being prompted to say it.

Yes dear parents, VET SCHOOL is the key to unlock your child’s world, so come and unlock your child’s world...

Nursery Coordinator

VET Is a great school for learning. The curriculum over here adheres to Karnataka state government syllabus. The school has experienced teachers who are very kind to the students . The school celebrates all national events such as Independence Day and Republic day. The school also teaches the value system to the kids through moral science classes and also celebrates several major festivals of India such as Holi, Diwali, Ganesha festival, Christmas. The school celebrates its annual function each year and this is primarily driven by the kids where they participate in music, arts, dance and many other skills. The school also participates in state level and national level sports. The kids get an opportunity to represent the school in many sports and drawing competitions. The school also encourages the students in participating in the annual trip which gives them an opportunity to have a great enjoyable moment with their friends. Abhishek's father Mr Anand is an alumnus of this school. We are very happy to be part of this great institution and thankful to the Principal of Vasavi Education Trust School for all the love and support provided through these years.

Anand Gopal
Abhishek Anand