Our Activities at VET School in JP Nagar, South Bangalore

At VET School JP Nagar, Apart from classroom teaching the students are exposed to music, craft, yoga, drawing, sports and Vedic Math, Abacus, Dance, Drama, Elocution, Quiz and other cultural & literary activities. Cultural activities intersperse with academics to help the students excel all the areas of learning.

Co - Curricular activities:

Schools offer training in co – curricular subjects such as drawing and painting, music, dance, dramatics, quiz, elocution, debates, yoga, etc.

Sports,Games & Fitness

"A sound mind exists in a sound body"

  • Yoga and Meditation is a part of the school curriculum which helps them to bring body and mind together to enhance their focus on academics, memory power, concentration etc
  • Sports and games, physical exercises are provided to each student and is a part of the curriculum, the school has several credits in sports field. The school volley ball team has won several matches at inter school levels, cluster level, Taluk level & district level.


  • National Festivals like Independence Day, Republic Day & Gandhi Jayanthi, Kannada Rajyothsava, children’s Day, Dr Ambedkar Jayanthi, World Environment Day are organised with a lot of pomp and show.
  • Annual day, Sports day, Exhibition, Investiture, 10th Std & UKG Graduation Day are organised with a lot of pomp and show.
  • Martyr's Day is observed which kindles love, respect, gratitude, patriotism in students minds.
  • Children’s Day, Environment Day, Investiture Ceremony, Yoga, Music and Teacher’s Enrichment Programme

Educational Field
and Excursion

Nursery kids are taken to field trips to near by Post office, police station, banks, super market, fruit and vegetable market and so on as a part of academic trips. And kids will be taken to educational excursion to various places.